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The Sin of Racism

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

We are delving into the sin of racism in this new year, looking at why we look to Jesus instead of rulers and systems in this world for guidance and to worship, why it is vital that we speak in the Spirit of Truth through the Holy Spirit regarding this sin and then really looking at the history of racism, especially in our national history and the church's complicity in it. We know we must be courageous and speak up, even looking at our own privilege, comparing the way the systems in this world are unjust and what God is calling us to do due to it. We will be using two books to guide most of this sermon series that will last at least until April of this year, as well as other resources. We will always be focused on the life and teachings of Jesus and looking to Scripture to guide us on this journey. I would love to start a dialogue regarding these issues, so feel free to contact me about it. I will write soon to discuss some basic definitions for us to know for this journey. Now, I leave you with this picture I believe is truth, and one that God wants us to deal with at this time - for it is a kairos time - speaking to one of the original sins of the world - racism. It is a mighty pandemic we must work at dismantling in many ways - it truly is a pandemic!

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