Pastor - Sue Smith

Sue grew up in Union, NJ and was the granddaughter of Rev. Henry von Spreckelsen of the Grace Lutheran Chruch there.  She moved to FL in 1991.  She was married to her husband Scott in 1995 and they have three children, Sean, Skylar and Stephanie. She was a bookkeeper and a teacher before being called into ministry.   She is a 2018 graduate of Bethany Theological Seminary, where she received a Masters of Divinity.  She joined the St. Petersburg First COB in 2007 and served in many roles there, most recently Outreach Pastor, before moving to Lincoln in April, 2020 to be our full time pastor.  

Pianist and Praise Band Leader - Oscar  Vazquez Medrano and Krista Vázquez-Connelly

Oscar grew up in Mexico City and is currently completing his doctorate in piano performance at UNL His passion is for Spanish and Latin American music and teaching. Krista recently finished her doctorate in music composition at UNL and works in audio editing, having previously taught elementary music and worked in several churches as a music director.

Leadership Team - 2021

Judy Wrightsman - Leadership Chair

Sigrid Horner - Christian Ed Chair

Martha Hakenkamp/Andrea Cupp - Co-chairs of Outreach

Bill Edgar - Fellowship/Worship Chair

Scott Smith - Facilities Chair

Jay Penner - Deacons/Financial Sec'ty 

Bud Whiteman - Treasurer

Emilie O'Toole - Clerk 

Custodian - Cindy Leer

Leadership Team Chair - Judy Wrightsman

Deacons - Jay Penner and Karen Swenson