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         We are a faith community striving to follow Jesus Christ and nurture our God-given gifts for supporting one another in service to others.  We invite all people to experience and celebrate God’s love with us through active peacemaking, the pursuit of justice, and the sharing of hope with our community and the world.

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Antelope Park Church of the Brethren
3645 Sumner
Lincoln, NE 68506

Phone: (402) 488-2793

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Pastor(s): Barbara Leininger Dickason

Founded: 1889

Handicap Accessible Facilities

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Fundraiser -- supporting families of kidnapped girls in Nigeria

CORN FOR SALE.  Locally grown, picked daily, $4 dozen in church parking lot.  COMING SOON.


  With Anguished Tears and Bold Prayers, May We Be One – 

An Invitation to Join in Prayer with the People of Nigeria and particularly the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (EYN--Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria) 

Scripture: Read Isaiah 43:1-7 

Prayer Focus: Comforting Assurance of God’s Presence, “I will be with you” 

• Pray for each girl to feel God’s loving presence surrounding her (v. 1) 

• For their safety in the midst of captivity (v. 2) 

• For their safe and speedy release (v. 3-7) 

Prayer through Song: “Don’t be afraid… My love is stronger than your fear” Hymnal Supplement Series #1103, The Iona Community. 

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Antelope Park Church of the Brethren